Meet the Coaches

Our Coaching Staff

Coach Dan Blankenship is our club’s Founder and President.  He has been coaching for over twenty years and is the overall Head Coach for our training programs. Coach Dan ran track in high school and college – is a USA Track & Field Certified Level I and Level 2 Endurance Coach (currently a candidate for Level 3 which is the highest coaching certification in USATF) and a Certified Personal Trainer. He has lead several large running groups, including serving as the Head Coach of the Sportsbackers’ 10k Training Team which included over 4,000 runners and 215 coaches.  Coach Dan has been active in the running community for over 25 years.  In his 25+ years, he has trained thousands of runners from 5ks through marathons.  He has completed numerous 5k, 10k, over 20 half marathons and 50 full marathons but spends his time now running to help others accomplish their goals in our sport.  He is also a Certified Personal Training.  An Executive at Oracle, he has a B.S. degree in Accounting, holds several professional certifications including a CPA, and attended graduate school at both Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech….but we won’t hold that against him.  He loves spending time with his wife, Cyndi (who also helps coach), and their children (3 boys, 1 girl), and two dogs, Lacey & Beau.

Greg R

Coach Greg is our Head Coach/Technical Advisor to the team/coaches and is a Board Member of Race Team RVA Running Club.  Greg started running track in the 6th grade and has been running ever since.  He is a USATF Level 1 Coach & RRCA Distance Coach.  He has been trained in coaching Middle Distance Runners by Scott Simmons of the American Distance Project & in the Effects of Altitude Training on Endurance Athletes at the USOC in Colorado Springs.  He qualified for Boston 7 times & competed there 5 times.  Greg has been coaching distance runners since 2002.  His first marathon was Cleveland Revco in 1982 on a bet – which he won – clocking a 3:20.  He is a USATF National Level Track/Field/Cross-Country Official and has officiated numerous NCAA conference championships, NCAA Southeast Regional Meets, Women’s Diamond League Pole Vault, & National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association (D-III) National Championships. He specializes in Vertical Jumps – Pole Vault/High Jump.  He is a member of several clubs, including Race Team RVA, Richmond Road Runners, Annapolis Striders, Richmond Triathlon Club, & Richmond Area Bicycling Association.  He refers to himself as a military brat, proud son of a father who served over 30 years in US Marines requiring his family to move around frequently.  Although originally from Quantico, Va, he grew up in VA, SC, NC, OH, & attended high school in Japan.   He received his undergrad from The Defiance College & MBA from the University of Findlay.  Greg and his wife Deb, also an avid runner/coach/Boston Competitor have 6 children, & 8 grandchildren, making Hanover County their home with two dogs……We are looking forward to the day they all run their first race together!

Coach Kelly is the Head Coach of our Short Pump team and a board member for our club. She caught the running bug in 2003 and has since run many races in distances from 5k to 60k. Since 2007, she has coached 10k, 12k, half and full marathon training teams. She is passionate about helping other runners achieve their goals, whether that is to finish a new distance for the first time or to meet a specific time goal. When not running, Kelly works for a digital marketing agency and enjoys spending time with her husband, three boys (all runners), and two dogs.  Plus she’s a Hokie and avid fan….gotta love that!

Coach Paula Bryant is a Coach with our Short Pump team – she began running in 2000 as a stress relief while supporting family members through serious health issues. Running became a way to continue managing stress, maintaining fitness and meeting new people and building friendships. Coach Paula has completed numerous half marathons, multiple 5K and 10K races, and sprint triathlons.   She obtained her personal training certification and many times leads our group in dynamic exercises prior to our runs.

Coach Troy Unger is a Coach of our Woodlake training team. He found the love for running at an early age as he ran his first half marathon at age 13 and first full marathon at age 17. He ran Track and Cross Country at Mills Godwin High School and continued running after school down in Florida while working for a local running store and competing in many 5K and 10K races. He moved back to Richmond where he became a certified personal trainer and certified youth and agility coach for the past 7 years. In 2018 he ran his first Boston Marathon and completed his first 50 Mile Ultra Marathon in the Fall. Currently is the coach for Lucky Road weekly runs and track workouts from the Midlothian store location. Troy with his wife and 2 children have lived in the Midlothian area for the last 14 years. When Troy is not out running you will most likely find him at the Midlothian Lucky Road Running Store helping people find the best shoes and equipment for running or walking or you can find him at any of his daughters soccer games.

Coach Ann

Coach Ann is the Head Coach of our Run/Walk training program.  She has been with Race Team RVA for four years and has run numerous half marathons, 10K and 5K races. She started run/walking after recovering from a broken foot that she incurred while running a 10k (which, we note, she did finish). Ann feels that run/walk is a great way for beginning half marathoners to achieve the distance and can help runners ease back into running after an injury. She is an architect by day, specializing in school designs, and she enjoys coaching in her spare time.  She’s our energizer bunny, packing a lot of energy!  She is also the recipient of our “Coach of the Year” award for her dedication and commitment to our athletes and team.


Coach Megan has been running for several years now and enjoys trail running the best.  She has run many 50k and three (3) 50 mile trail runs and she’s not done yet.   Sports and encouraging others to succeed has been a passion since she became the Captain of her Cheer Squad in High School.  She continues to motivate and inspire athletes to never give up, and to pursue their goals with passion.  She’s our biggest cheerleader!  She plans to run her first 100k Ultra in December 2019 and we are cheering her along. Go Coach Megan!

Coach Lindsay Adkins-Clark is the Head Coach at Willow Lawn. She swore she was not a runner and would never be until she found herself needing to turnaround her poor health and habits. Once Lindsay found exactly what she needed in running, she would never find herself without it in her life. She has run numerous marathons, half marathons, and other races, and she is always easily sucked into any run for charity. Lindsay continues to run as an outlet for herself and is driven by the success of others pushing past their personal goals and supporting them through their journey, whether just starting to walk or training for a marathon. In addition to running and working with the team, you’ll find Lindsay hanging out with her husband and two dogs, and cheering on her Thundering Herd! (Marshall University that is).

Coach Emma Lowry did not start running until she was in her mid-30s.  She hated running at first, but challenged herself to train for the Monument Avenue 10K in order to lose some weight and get healthy.  The moment she crossed the finish line she was hooked!  She loved the feeling of accomplishment that comes from setting and achieving a lofty goal.  Since then, Emma has run many 10K, half-marathon, and marathon races, with the latter being her favorite distance.  Running not only keeps her physically and mentally healthy, but she has met many of her closest friends through the sport.  Coach Emma loves supporting other runners and watching them crush their goals.  She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Health Psychology and because of that background is particularly interested in helping runners build the mental toughness and flexibility that is required in endurance events.   Now who can go wrong with that background!!!  She is also a Certified Race Team RVA Coach.  Coach Emma lives in the Midlothian, Virginia area and is the Head Coach of our Woodlake team.  Go Emma!

Coach Jim Wright started running in his early teens, ran track and cross country in high school in MA where he grew up. Although he has run since his teens he became a more serious runner around 2008 where he trained for his first half marathon and then full marathon. Jim has raced in all distances up to full marathons but his favorite distance is the half. Running is what he uses to manage stress and physical fitness. He loves sharing his passion for running and coaching others to meet their running goals running right along their side. Jim is a Certified Race Team RVA Coach, lives in the Chesterfield, Virginia area and is a Coach of our Woodlake team.


Coach Beth started running twenty years ago when her oldest daughter ran the kid’s mile run during the Monument Ave 10K race.  It looked like such fun that she joined a training team for the 10K.  After successfully running several 10Ks and other fun runs, she decided to run her first half marathon and has been hooked on our sport ever since.   She now runs for the pure enjoyment and social connections it has made for her over the years.  “I have met some of my best friends through running.  There’s nothing like a running buddy – once a friend, always a friend, a bond that cannot be broken.”   Running is a very portable sport and she takes it with her often during her travels as a way to explore new cities at a moderate pace.  When not running Beth works as a safety and health consultant which is why she is the Club’s Safety Officer – which she takes very seriously.  “As we tell our law enforcement officers: Your safety vest won’t stop a car.  The car, truck, bus, will ALWAYS win.”  Her motto is:  Be seen, be safe, listen with your eyes and your ears, and assume no driver ever sees you.  Safety First!  So if you hear her yell “watch out for that car!”, take her seriously – it’s her role on our team!


Coach Cyndi started her running career on a Disney Cruise ship when a friend challenged her to run instead of walking between the bow and stern of the ship.  Her first response was, me?  Run?  I don’t like running!  But once she started, she realized she could finish her workouts quicker, which allowed her more time to pursue her mission on the cruise of relaxing and drinking wine….but she also realized it gave her more energy and she felt great!  (this is what we call the inner runner coming out).  Shortly after moving to Virginia, she took on her first 10k and ran the Monument Avenue 10k race.  Then she tried a half marathon.  After some great advice (from her coach), she improved her race times and had many PRs – she knew then she was hooked for life.   In 2012, she ran her first full marathon.  Cyndi’s high school friends on FB asked, “when did you turn into a runner?”  While she loves the health benefits that running provides, its the camaraderie of fellow runners that call her back to the open road.  Cyndi is known as the big cheerleader because of her energy and enthusiasm.  She truly enjoys encouraging and welcoming each runner to do their best and enjoy the sport she loves so much.  But being married to our head coach, she will tell you that he made her do it.   We don’t believe that Cyndi, nope, not for a minute!

Coach Andrew Hardymon started running 5k’s and 10k’s when he was 8. He ran track and cross country in Middle and High School in NC, where he grew up.  Andrew took a hiatus from running while studying at Duke University (there was basketball to watch….). He was inspired to take it up again while living in Boston.  Soon after, he moved to VA and ran local races before running his first marathon in 2000.  Since then, Andrew has completed over 25 marathons and several 50k’s. In 2019, he ran three marathons in a 15 day period while training for the Blue Ridge Double Marathon which he ran in April, 2019.  Andrew enjoys running and helping all levels, whether they are seeking a PR, or simply trying to get fit.  When not running, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Sarah, and their four children, and is a passionate Duke Blue Devil fan.


Coach Robert LaRock ran cross country and indoor/outdoor track in high school.   He stopped running when he joined the Marine Corp since the physical demands and challenges of serving in the Marines kept him fit.   However, his love for running never waned so in 2013, he joined his wife and starting running again.  He hasn’t stopped yet.    Coach Robert ran his first half marathon in 2015 and his first full marathon in 2015.  Since then he has gone on to run a 50k race and completed his first sprint triathlon in 2017.  He has recently taking up trail running/racing and may join us this summer for some of our Sunday trail runs too. Coach Robert has also coached 8K, 10k and 12k teams.  He will be coaching at our Willow Lawn location.   We are proud to have him as a coach and thank him for his service to our country!

Coach John Snuggs – not pictured….is a Coach with our Short Pump team.  You can often time find John bringing up the back of the pack runners, cracking jokes and entertaining the team during their longer runs.  Coach Snuggs is over halfway along in his quest for a marathon in all 50 states.

Fitness/Core/Strength Instructors & Partners:

Michael Harlow, Founder & Director, Endorphin Fitness  and Coaches Ryan Middleton and Erin Horil

Paul Caminiti, Founder and Head Instructor for Team Adrenaline, USA

Locations we currently run from:

UTurn Sports Performance , 2101 Maywill Street, Richmond, Va. 23230

Woodlake Aquatic & Fitness Center, 14710 Village Square Pl, Midlothian, VA 23112

Short Pump Dog Park, 3329 Pump Rd, Henrico, VA 23233

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