Spring Training Teams 2021

Registration Now Open

Please note: Registration for Race Team RVA training does not include race entry. You must register separately for your desired race.

Register here for our 2021 Spring Training: starts April 3 for Just Run or 10k Programs

Spring Training Programs

Road Running: 

2 Spring Training Programs: 

  • 10K (6.2 miles) – 10 week program (April 3 – June 5) This is a 10 week program that starts on Saturday, April 3 and continues through Sat, June 5, 2021.  The program is geared towards novice and experience runners who want to train in the West end or Woodlake areas of Richmond.  If you have not run before, this is a great program to get started.  If you are an experienced runner, you will benefit from this program too, plus enjoy the company of other experienced runners as our Race Team RVA Certified Coaches lead you through this training program.  Program Cost: $10
  • Just Run Maintenance – 10 week program (April 3 – June 5) In addition, we will continue to offer our just run maintenance option for those that just want to run with the team over the course of the training but don’t plan train to run a race in the spring. You will receive all the benefits of the 10k program above, but can run as far or as long as you want.  Typical Saturday runs will include the routes for the 10k program plus a minimum route of 5 miles for those experienced who want to run to maintain fitness.  You run as far as you want with the team, either following the team’s route for that weekend or making your own.  Program Cost: $10
Two Location Options to Choose. All runs start at 7:00 am but schedules could vary due to adjustments made to mitigate COVID-19 risk.
  • Saturday from Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club at 5000 Woodlake Village Pkwy, Midlothian, VA 
  • Saturday from Uturn Sport Performance Academy, 2101 Maywill Street, Richmond, VA

Road Running program Registration:

Program Costs (new introductory costs):
  • 10K (6.2 miles) $10 (April 3 – June 5)
  • Just Run: $10 (April 3 – June 5)

Registration for our Summer Training Programs (half, full, just run & trail running) will be announced shortly – stay tuned here for more information.

Requirements for these training programs:  None needed

What does Race Team RVA offer?

  • Experienced, Certified Race Team RVA Coaches
  • Performance training for those looking to increase performance
  • Coach’s Talks geared to help you during your training
  • Organized group runs on Saturday with Water/SAG support
  • Discounts for Fire/EMS/Police (email us for more information at
  • Periodic mid-week speed workouts (West End & Southside)
  • Team socials
  • Option to participate in other Fitness Core/Strength programs (Additional Fees charged through our partners)
Refund Policy - If you change your mind about participating in our programs, we are happy to honor your decision as long as the refund request is made before April 3, 2021.  To request a refund, please submit your request in writing to Dan Blankenship, A check will be processed once the refund has been accepted and approved.

For more information on our training programs, email us at:

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