Winter Training Teams 2021

Registration Now Open

Please note: Registration for Race Team RVA training does not include race entry. You must register separately for your desired race.

Register here for our 2021 Winter Training Programs – sessions start December 19 

Winter Training Programs

Road Running: 

3 Training Programs: 

  • Half Marathon Training – 13 week program (Dec 19 – Mar 21) This is a 13 week program that starts on December 19 (or 20th) and continues through Sunday March 21, 2021, race day.  The Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon is a popular race for Richmonders, a course that is flat and fast, making it the perfect place for a PR (personal record). Participants will enjoy spectators and entertainment along the course as well as a festive finish line celebration.  More information on this race can be found at:    Program Costs: $45 does not include race entry
  • 10K (6.2 miles) – 11 week program (Jan 9 – Mar 27) This is a 11 week program that starts on January 9 (or Jan 10) and continues through Sat, March 27, 2021, race day.  The program is geared towards novice and experience runners who want to train in the Short Pump (west end) or Woodlake areas of Richmond.   You have the option of running either Saturday or Sunday or both days (for those more experienced runners).  If you have not run before, this is a great program to get started.  If you are an experienced runner, this is a great program too.  Either way, you will enjoy working with our Race Team RVA Certified Coaches as they lead you through this training program.  Program Costs: $40
  • Just Run Maintenance – 14 week program (Dec 19 – Mar 27) In addition, we will continue to offer our just run maintenance option for those that just want to run with the team over the course of the training but don’t plan to run or train to run a race in the spring. You will receive all the benefits of the 2 programs above, including a team shirt, but will not receive special routes or a training plan.  You run as far as you want with the team, either following the team’s route for that weekend or making your own.  Program Costs: $40
Several Location Options to Choose. All runs start at 7:00 am but schedules will vary due to adjustments made to mitigate COVID-19 risk.
  • Saturday from Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club at 5000 Woodlake Village Pkwy, Midlothian, VA 
  • Saturday from Short Pump Park at 3329 Pump Rd, Henrico, VA
  • Sunday from location at or near Willow Lawn Shopping Mall area, Richmond, VA

Road Running program Registration:

Program Costs:
  • Half Marathon $45 (Dec 19 – Mar 21)
  • 10K (6.2 miles) $40 (Jan 9 – Mar 27)
  • Just Run: $40 (Dec 19 – Mar 27)

Discounts for over 60 years old.   Discounts for over High School Students and Full Time College Students (email for more information).

Requirements for these training programs:

Half - Must be able to run 3 miles by Dec 19.   Must be 16 years old to participate (under 16 requires parent/guardian approval).

Note:  As a member of any of our teams, you can run both Saturday and Sunday at any of our locations.  For example, you may want to run one day hard and the other day as an easy recovery run.

Ultra Winter Ultra Training Program: 

17 week Program starts Saturday, December 19, 2020. 2nd Year Program

Register here for our 2021 Ultra Winter Training Program – sessions start December 19 

If you are interested in Ultra training going forward, join our RACE TEAM RVA RUNNING CLUB group page on FACEBOOK to stay connected.  

Winter Training Team 2021
Please note: Registration for Race Team RVA training does not include race entry. You must register separately for your desired race.   This program includes both Saturday & Sunday Group Runs!   Locations for the Saturday group runs will vary so that you are comfortable running different terrains.   Sunday group runs will be organized and led out of a location near the Willow Lawn Shopping Center (near West End) area.                                                                

Join Richmond’s only Ultra Training team program!   This 17 week training program starts December 19 and group runs will be on Saturdays from various locations in and around the Richmond area.  You must be willing to drive within 10-20 miles of the Richmond area for group runs.  All Saturday practice runs will be done on trails in order to prepare you for running an Ultra race.  This program will be aligned to the SingleTrack Maniac 50k race on April 10, 2021 in Williamsburg, Va.   We will run various trails and terrains over the course of the program so that you are comfortable with running longer distances on trails and different terrain.  This program includes group tempo runs on Sunday too; tempo runs will be run from the a location near or close to the Willow Lawn Shopping Center on Sundays starting Sunday, December 20.

  • Program Costs:  $70.00, for training only for a SingleTrack Maniac 50k to be held in Williamsburg, Va. on April 10, 2021.  $10 discount for those returning from last year’s program.
  • Practice Trail Locations:  Various trails in and around the Richmond area and will vary throughout the 17 week training period.  Some practice runs will include running at Pocahontas State Park, James River Trails, Poor Farm Park, Capital Trail, Leaks Mill Park, and Freedom Park (site of the SingleTrack Maniac race in Williamsburg)
  • Days:
    • Saturday – Longer trail runs will be on Saturday starting at 7:30am; locations vary and will be announced a week in advance.
    • Sunday – Tempo runs from a location near or close to the Willow Lawn Shopping Center area at 7:30am.  These will be “coached” tempo runs and not easy/relaxed runs.
  • SAG and other nutrition provided at Start/Finish on Trails – you will need to carry your own water or electrolyte supply during the runs while on the trails.  We will design the routes to take advantage of the start/finish location but in many cases, this may not be enough hydration for longer runs.  So you will need to carry hydration while running the trails.
  • Trail Routes – efforts will be provided to give you guidance / directions on the trails but you will be responsible for knowing the trails and the directions as it is not possible to put directional signs throughout the trails each week.  Runners are encouraged to run in packs and keep an eye out for one another; some packs will be faster than others.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Must be experienced runners, having completed a full marathon in less than 6 hours, or completed an ultra within the time limit.  You will be required to provide evidence of running a marathon under 6 hours.  Exceptions can be made on an individual basis. If you think you are truly ready to train for an ultra, but don’t meet the above requirements, please email Coach Dan @ 
  • You will need to know your capacity for endurance running and your fuel system required for these longer runs.  Having experience running longer runs will help ensure your success in this program.
  • You must be capable of running at least 13 miles by December 19 start date.
  • Athletes must be independent and self-sufficient to run longer distances in the woods/trails alone if needed.    You must have the emotional maturity and resilience to be comfortable taking on an endurance challenge like an Ultra program to succeed during practices.
  • Must be at least 18 years old to participate.

The coached tempo runs are structured workouts led by an experienced coaches.  Workouts focus on technique development alongside a structured progression of intensity so that you are well prepared to take on a 50k Ultra Trail race.

Please note: Registration for the Race Team RVA training program does not include your race entry.   You must register separately for your desired race.

What does Race Team RVA offer?

  • Experienced coaches with knowledge of trail and ultra races, many are Certified Race Team RVA Coaches
  • Performance training for those looking to increase performance
  • Support at the SingleTrack Ultra 50k race on April 10, 2021
  • Coach’s Talks geared to help you during your training
  • Organized group runs on Saturday or Sunday with Water/SAG support
  • Discounts for Fire/EMS/Police (email us for more information at
  • Periodic mid-week speed workouts (West End & Southside)
  • Individual training plans based on your predicted finish time
  • Team socials
  • Technical Race Shirt
  • Team Swag
  • Option to participate in other Fitness Core/Strength programs (Additional Fees charged through our partners)
Refund Policy - If you change your mind about participating in our programs, we are happy to honor your decision as long as the refund request is made before January 9, 2021.  To request a refund, please submit your request in writing to Dan Blankenship, A check will be processed once the refund has been accepted and approved.

For more information on our training programs, email us at:

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