The Race Team RVA Running Club – a 501(c)(3), is a running club focused on building a healthier community bRRCA Member logoy inspiring people to walk or run, and provide an environment for people to form healthy relationships.  The club also organizes various training teams that focus on techniques to improve performance and strengthening core, and injury prevention.

Board of Directors and Officers

Dan Blankenship, President and Treasurer
Gregory Roth, Vice President & Technical Advisory Coach
Michael Williams, Vice President
Shawn Nghiem, Vice President
Scott Muench, Vice President of Marketing
Viquar Shaikh, Vice President of Safety, Risks & Compliance
Ram Pai, Vice President of Membership
Ed Kross, Officer
Ralph McCarty, Officer


Ariana Estes, Director of Digital and Social Media
Cinzia Rolling, Team Social Committee
Cathleen Burrows, Team Social Committee

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