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The Race Team RVA Running Club was established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) organization focused on building a healthier community by inspiring people to walk or run to stay active and healthy, and provide an environment for people to form healthy, positive relationships that fosters confidence in dealing with life’s stresses. The club organizes various training teams and programs that focus on techniques to improve performance, agility, strengthening core, and injury prevention that help athletes perform at the highest level while reducing risks. We also offer educational running programs for kids to introduce them to the sport we love to encourage kids to inspire to improve their fitness and stay healthy as a way of life. We believe staying physically and mentally active is one way to improve the quality of life.

     Board of Directors & Officers

        Dan Blankenship, Founder & CEO
        Gregory Roth, Executive Vice President & Technical Advisory Coach
        Kelly Browning, Vice President Road Running & Marketing 
        Cyndi Johnson, Secretary

     Advisory Board & Community Leaders
        Emma Lowry
        Carol Miranda
        Beth Rosenthal
        Kathryn Corbett
        Jim Wright
        Ralph McCarty
        Troy Unger
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