Meet Coach Wendy

Coach Wendy Golbitz started her running journey with a walk/run to lose weight.   She swore she was not a runner and would never be but as fate would have it, she found herself facing one of her biggest challenges in life, breast cancer.  She used running as her outlet, signing up to run her first 5k (Susan Koman).  After crossing the finish line, she looked at her husband and said “I want to run a half marathon now”…..and so her running journey began.  Since then Wendy has run numerous half marathons, 10k, 15k and some 8k’s.   She joined the Race Team RVA coaching staff several years ago and used the training to train for her first full marathon.  It was more than she imagined but through self-motivation and perseverance, she completed the marathon, just 2 weeks after finishing her cancer radiation treatment.   Wow!!  Running is now an integral part of her life and she loves sharing her experiences with others.  She is driven by the success of others, seeing them pushing past their personal goals and supporting them through their journey, whether just starting to walk or training for a marathon.   Coach Wendy’s story is an inspiration to us all, motivating us to be the best we can be.  She is certainly proof of that, having overcome major obstacles in life.   In addition to running and working with the team, you’ll find Wendy hanging out with her husband and their two labs.   A true dog lover and lover of life!  We are so glad to have Wendy on our team.

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