Meet Coach Stephanie

Coach Stephanie grew up watching her mom run races, from 5ks to marathons, and while she herself was mainly interested in swimming from middle through high school, running has remained a constant source of connection and meditation throughout her life. She ran her first marathon in 2016, then after a brief hiatus from 2017-2018, completed her second marathon in 2019. In 2020, she discovered her love of trail running, and completed her first 50k in Dahlgren in August of that year. She’s been hooked on trails and ultras ever since, but has also made time to help; she coached the winter half marathon training team with Richmond Road Runners in 2020-2021 and helps out with SAGs for Virginia Capital Fitness when she can. 

Outside of running, Stephanie is the mom of a preteen and a preschooler, a dog mom to two beagles, and a telecommunications contractor for Dominion Energy. She sings in an a cappella group (Uncommon Vocals) and is a professionally trained birth doula. She may have a pretty full plate but is always willing to help those who need it and is your biggest fan.  Her energy and smiles can be contagious!

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