Meet Coach Rob

Coach Rob meet Coach Dan approximately 20 years ago when Dan lead the Sports Backers 10K training team and is excited to join RaceTeamRVA because of its philosophy of coaching. When Rob is not trying to cover every surface in his office with a computer screen, he is out and about, usually running with a big goofy grin.  Having the congenital nerd gene, he gravitates towards trail running and hiking (sometimes with his corgi, Snickers, because they both have short little legs and waddle a bit). When he trips over a root or rock, he knows it’s his fault, because the rock wasn’t texting.  Having helped coach the 10K runners more years than he can recall, he really enjoys helping people go from a run/walk to a run and seeing how joy they have from reaching that goal.   He also helps Coach Kristy with the Goochland YMCA cross country team, which is like training runners and herding cats at the same time, plus making a few typical bad jokes along the way. Coach Rob believes that running is something anyone can do and do well, and his biggest advice to new runners is to relax into the run.  Rob has run several trail races, usually finishing in the top percentile.  He won the Men’s division of our Gritty Leakes Trail Marathon in November 2021 and may return this year to defend his title.  We wish him all the best!  Go Coach Rob!!

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