Meet Coach Marianne

Coach Marianne has accomplished a lot in her life.  A busy Mom and Mimi to 6 grandkiddos, she retired as a RN after 45 years of service.  Coach Marianne taught aerobics at the YMCA for many years and participated in inline skate marathons in Georgia, California, Florida, Washington DC and several Disney skate races including New England and Idaho. She fell in love with running at the age of 48 and has been running ever since.  One of her biggest accomplishments was qualifying for the Boston Marathon twice and New York once.  She has run over 15 marathons and her favorites include Marine Corp, Chicago and Richmond.  She has run many shorter races, dabbled with trails for leisure and fun (including the Ucluelet Half Marathon in Vancouver, BC), and has run several USA National Duathlons, where she finished on the podium qualifying her to be selected to participate in TEAM USA for the world multisport championships.  She represented TEAM USA in NC, Scotland, and Spain twice.  She won the National Championship in the half iron Duathlon in Miami, winning a spot for TEAM USA in Switzerland, but because of COVID was not able to attend. She recently qualified in the Alabama Nationals for Australia but again, that was canceled because of COVID. She plans to go to Texas in April to participate in another national event in hops of qualifying for Spain 2023.  She loves cycling and has completed all 102 miles of the Capital Trail in less than 8 hours.  If that was not enough, she signed on to join our Ultra Team where she trained to run the Antelope Canyon ultra-marathon in Page Arizona – to date that has been her most challenging event!  She coached for the Sportsbackers for 6 years and is returning once again to coach trails.  She is not hard to miss on a run – Coach Marianne will be the coach who ALWAYS wears PINK attire….she even drives a car all trimmed in pink of course.  She loves sharing what she has learned and finds the time to help others.  You can see, she has a lot to share!  WOW, we are impressed that she has accomplished so much and grateful to have her as a coach!   GO Marianne!

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