Meet Coach Eichelle

Coach Eichelle started with Race Team RVA after becoming a coach’s assistant for the 9-Mile Marathon Training Program in 2019. She then went on to become the Head Coach for the 9-Mile Marathon Program in 2020 and 2021 with the help and expertise of Marlies Kort, World Class Triathlon Champion and the founder of the 9MMT. She has been running with the group at various locations including Willow Lawn, Midlothian, U-turn Sports and then with the Ultra Training Team which allows her to incorporate her love of trails and achieve her longer distance goals. She has many achievements including a solo 50K, the Singletrack Maniac 50K, and the Gritty Leakes Trail Marathon just last year. In 2021 her goals increased, and she returned to the triathlon world and completed her first 70.3 Half Ironman last summer. But her passion still remains on the trails where she loves the beautiful views, fun and challenging terrain, and the many wonderful friendships she has made along the trails. She values Race Team RVA and it’s amazing impact on her personal running goals and overall team environment.   Race Team RVA has become a part of life for her, and she enjoys sharing her love of running trails and the 9-Mile Marathon principals with others.   Coach Eichelle and her husband own a business in Ashland which provides the flexibility in her busy schedule to participate in church, family and running activities!  She is the mother of three grown children, two girls (a college graduate and the other graduating in 2022) and a son who is currently serving in the Navy. Her children also enjoyed the sport of running while growing up in her family.  She enjoyed coaching runs with the Run Like a Girl program as well as helping to coach new runners for her church. She enjoys helping others accomplish their fitness goals.  She attributes a lot of her accomplishments to the grace and guidance of the Lord and believes Race Team RVA has certainly become part of her success story.   While she also enjoys backpacking, hiking, downhill skiing, and playing games with family and friends, she somehow finds the time to help our team and we are glad to have as part of our coaching staff. 

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