Meet Coach Cyndi

Coach Cyndi started her running career on a Disney Cruise ship when a friend challenged her to run instead of walking between the bow and stern of the ship.  Her first response was, me?  Run?  I don’t like running!  But once she started, she realized she could finish her workouts quicker, which allowed her more time to pursue her mission on the cruise of relaxing and drinking wine….but she also realized it gave her more energy and she felt great!  (this is what we call the inner runner coming out).  Shortly after moving to Virginia, she took on her first 10k and ran the Monument Avenue 10k race.  Then she tried a half marathon.  After some great advice (from her coach), she improved her race times and had many PRs – she knew then she was hooked for life.   In 2012, she ran her first full marathon.  Cyndi’s high school friends on FB asked, “when did you turn into a runner?”  While she loves the health benefits that running provides, its the camaraderie of fellow runners that call her back to the open road.  Cyndi is known as the big cheerleader because of her energy and enthusiasm.  She truly enjoys encouraging and welcoming each runner to do their best and enjoy the sport she loves so much.  But being married to our head coach, she will tell you that he made her do it.   We don’t believe that Cyndi, nope, not for a minute!

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