Meet Coach Beth

Coach Beth started running twenty years ago when her oldest daughter ran the kid’s mile run during the Monument Ave 10K race.  It looked like such fun that she joined a training team for the 10K.  After successfully running several 10Ks and other fun runs, she decided to run her first half marathon and has been hooked on our sport ever since.   She now runs for the pure enjoyment and social connections it has made for her over the years.  “I have met some of my best friends through running.  There’s nothing like a running buddy – once a friend, always a friend, a bond that cannot be broken.”   Running is a very portable sport and she takes it with her often during her travels as a way to explore new cities at a moderate pace.  When not running Beth works as a safety and health consultant which is why she is the Club’s Safety Officer – which she takes very seriously.  “As we tell our law enforcement officers: Your safety vest won’t stop a car.  The car, truck, bus, will ALWAYS win.”  Her motto is:  Be seen, be safe, listen with your eyes and your ears, and assume no driver ever sees you.  Safety First!  So if you hear her yell “watch out for that car!”, take her seriously – it’s her role on our team!

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